Yona’s Story….

Yona with bear

We want to share stories, tips and tricks from others that can help everyone live as radiantly as possible.  Yona shared some of her experience, and we share an excerpt from her story with you….

“On April 22, 20** I had my routine mammogram.  On April 24, my internist called to say he wanted to repeat it because there was a suspicions area seen on the film.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected anything like this news.  When they repeated the mammogram three days later they did not see anything abnormal.  I had a very astute radiologist who decided to do an ultrasound.  On needle biopsy they found two (2) small spots on my left breast that came back malignant.  The whole experience was very surreal.

My husband (a surgical oncologist) chose a surgeon whom I had met socially in the past and I was able to see her the next day.  I liked her very much.  She explained to me that my prognosis was excellent – the tumors were tiny and she wanted me to have a sentinel node biopsy the following Friday.  Things were moving along very fast.  The node biopsy showed two (2) positive nodes.

I, next, met with the Reconstructive Surgeon whom I also liked.  We discussed Prosthetic Surgery, either a tram flab or expanders, depending on whether I would ultimately have radiation.  it was very importantly for me to have  a good rapport with all the professionals involved and to respect their expertise.

The diagnosis was a shock to me but I felt relieved it was found early and I would be treated by very experienced professionals.  I have lost friends to pancreatic cancer and ALS.  I feel fortunate to be diagnosed in 20** where chemotherapy, radiation and drugs have cured and extended the lives of breast cancer survivors.  Breast cancer does not discriminate.”