What Is It About Fall?


What is it about fall that all of a sudden the days go rushing by?  One minute we are enjoying the long, restful days of August, and before you know it we are halfway through September.

If there is anything I learned as I went through cancer it is that every day, in fact every moment, is to be savored.  Which is causes me to wonder, why does life speed up so quickly in the fall?  Oh, I have my suspicions  such as the start of school and the schedule that follows.  I think that perhaps, come the fall, we begin to realize that the end of the year is not that far off, and there is so much yet to be done.  I think the whiff of a fall breeze reminds us of Halloween, which reminds of Thanksgiving, which causes panic because the Christmas and Holiday gift giving season is around the corner.

And yet, in our panic, we don’t let the whiff of the fall breeze sink in.  So, let’s savor these beautiful days.  Let’s go outside, if only to smell fall in the air.  Let’s look at our summer gardens as they gently begin to rest and let’s enjoy their wonderful, splendor of color.  Let’s gaze at all the various shades of green we have right now, knowing that the reds, yellows and oranges are not  far behind.  Let’s pull that first sweater out and enjoy wrapping ourselves in its warmth as the cool, autumn evening approaches.

As I remind myself to appreciate the beauty of fall and not “fall” victim to the craziness of our days and schedules, I thought you might enjoy the reminder as well.  Savor and enjoy my friends….