As you go through chemo, you will most likely be placed on steroids to treat your cancer, limit inflammation, and prevent nausea from treatment. The steroids, though, have their own effects, including puffiness. You may not always feel like putting on your make-up, and that is okay as well, but if you want to, you can camouflage these side effects and enhance your look to make you feel more ladylike.

Your new make-up bag should include:

  • A good foundation.
  • Concealer for your brown spots. Choose a “rosy” shade, often called “fair.”
  • Concealer for your eyes. This should be two shades lighter than your skin color in a golden tone.
  • Eye shadow in nude, apricot, brown tones.
  • Pearl, non-glittery eye shadow to brighten your eyes.
  • Black, dark navy, or brown eyeliner.
  • Non-fibrous mascara, if you still have your eyelashes.
  • Eyebrow pencil in a shade that matches your hair color.
  • Blush in a sheer pink or peach tone.
  • Lip liner in a rosy, blush shade.
  • Moisturizing lipsticks in rose or blush shades.
  • Disposable applicators, including Q-tips, make-up sponges, and mascara wands.

To reduce the risk of infection, start with new products and use disposable applicators. Invest in products that allow your skin to breathe, are fragrance-free, and are easy to apply and remove. Check out our PRODUCTS PAGE.