Life-cancer balance

How can you balance your life – family, friends, work, treatments, and side effects? There isn’t a perfect answer because we are individuals with distinct needs and situations. That said, here are some tips to help you manage:

  • Your view of talking about your cancer will most likely be different for different groups of people – family, friends, co-workers, etc. Decide what’s appropriate for you and own that decision.
  • You might consider using blog tools like Caring Bridge to keep those closest to you informed. Making sure you’ve communicated the right info to the right people can be exhausting. Electronic tools allow you to communicate what’s important in a secure environment and not to expend energy repeating the information to many people who care about you.
  • Focus on living. This will help keep everything from your work to your family in check. While you are putting yourself first in terms of treatment and recovery, you are doing so because you are focused on all that your life offers you and others.
  • Your activity level will vary through the various stages of your cancer journey. Understand that your treatments must come first, and then you can focus on other aspects of your life.