Hospital Trips

You might end up unexpectedly in the hospital while you go through treatment. Being prepared with a pre-packed bag will be one less thing you need to think about when you are in need of urgent care. You’ll also want to have a card that includes critical medical information in the event you find it difficult to communicate with your care providers.

Your bag should include:

  • A pillbox with a few of each of your current medications. Anything you take that you have not brought with you will require a doctor’s order. Of course, you will want to verify with the doctor that you can keep taking your current medications.
  • A wig, scarf, hat, or anything else that you typically wear on your head.
  • Some basic make-up, like lipstick or mascara.
  • A change or two of comfortable clothes, including underwear.
  • Lip balm and hand cream. Your skin will still be very dry.
  • Cell phone, iPad, etc., and their chargers.
  • A list of contacts and their phone numbers in case your cell phone dies.
  • A card containing your medical information. …Download Here