Being a lady through cancer is very much about attitude. And we all know that our hair plays a critical role in how we feel about ourselves. Your hair will most likely start to fall out after your first chemo treatment. Chemo, especially, is exceptionally good at killing fast growing cells, such as cancer. However, it kills all fast growing cells, and that includes your hair follicles. While you cannot prevent it, you do have options to help you deal with the hair loss so that you can still feel like a lady.

  • Most likely, your hair won’t fall out on day one of chemo or even day two or three, but expect to see strands falling out by day five or so.
  • Scarves, hats, and wigs are not just a fashion statement, but also keep you warm. Try out your options and see what works best for you.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen! That head of yours hasn’t seen this much light in a long time.
  • If you undergo chemo, you will lose ALL of your hair, and we do mean ALL. Some of that can be good news as you can take a break from shaving. Hair loss in other places (your nose, for instance) can create its own set of challenges.
  • If you require radiation therapy, your hair will fall out at the site of the radiation, and it’s possible it will not re-grow.