Over the course of your cancer treatment, you might want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe that will make treatment, post surgery and day-to-day life a bit easier and more comfortable. Here are a few tips on what to look for.


  • Chemo treatments can be long… so be comfortable. Many people find it’s easiest to wear sweat suits; however, depending upon your own style, you might feel more in control and ladylike if you dress for the day.
  • Dress for your chemo port. Typically, your port is located in your upper chest or neck, so v-neck, round neck, or boat neck knit tops are best.
  • Consider bringing a lightweight sweater or jacket; small, soft blanket; pashmina; or wrap to keep warm. Your treatment center will provide blankets, but having something of your own is often comforting.
  • Avoid light colors or white. No need to stain a shirt if you happen to lose a little blood through your port.
  • You may feel bloated during treatment as a result of all of the fluids entering your body. Relaxed pants or skirts or knit leggings that expand a little are best.


  • If surgery is part of your treatment, you’ll want to dress to allow for limited mobility, compression around the surgical site, and drainage tubes.
  • Lightweight knits and loose fitting garments are your best options.
  • Your doctor will send you home with compression garments post surgery. As you recover, you may be allowed to wear fitted camis or Spanx® in place of your medical compression garments. Make sure to ask about the doctor’s recommendation in your pre-surgery consultations.


  • Your primary concern for your radiation wardrobe is radiation burn.
  • Very soft, natural fibers are your best option.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes that allow for dressings, bandages, and gauze underneath.


  • For a variety of reasons, your body size and shape can change during treatment.
  • Ask your doctor about what to expect so you can purchase the necessary garments before treatment begins.


  • Your treatment will wear you out. Choose pieces that wear well and are easy to get on and off.
  • Knits are a great option because they are comfortable and don’t wrinkle.
  • Solid colors can be easily mixed and matched and accessorized with print scarves or statement jewelry.
  • Choose natural fabrics for your dry and sensitive skin.
  • Consider wearing flat, slip on shoes that are easier to get on and off.