The Littlest Scratch….


I was straightening out my clothes and looking for a bathing suit, I mean it is over 90 degrees here in the mid-west and I am sure a pool will be required this week-end!  As I found the bathing suit, it reminded me that the last time I wore it, I was in Florida in February.   Well that reminded me of the little scratch I got while I was in Florida.  I mean it was a LITTLE scratch, it was so not a big deal!   Except, it is still there.

You see, the little scratch was on my chest, just above my left, cancerous breast – aka, Lumpy.  And that side of me, well it has had several surgeries and lots of radiation.  And the result, even five months later that little scratch is still a red line and visible.

When we have gone through cancer, the parts treated don’t always heal very well.  Where we have been radiated, our skin seems to never stretch, move, even feel the same again; and scratches take months if not longer to heal.  When we have had surgery, we may get scar tissue which can hurt and pull.  We may get neuropathy and our extremities hurt or tingle all the time.  When we have had chemo we may always find a little bit of a bald spot that we just knew was not there before.

Mind you, I am NOT complaining.  For me, the cancer is gone and I am great.  The thing is, I really didn’t understand the little things that might happen ever years post cancer.  Again, not a complaint, it is just and observation.    As you know, I am a big believer in sharing what I have learned, as I believe if you know about it, it is a little easier to handle it.  And so I share, I have a scratch where my radiation occurred and it has not healed in over 5 months.

The question for you is what have you found?  What is your “little scratch”?  Please share it with us, so that we can share it with others…so that they too, can know what they might expect.