On Being Radiant


In the book, on the website, in the blog, I am always talking about being radiant.  Today, on World Cancer Day, why don’t we talk about what being radiant really means?

I usually sign the book, “Always Be Radiant”.  One lovely woman wrote me saying, “Thanks for signing the book, but I am the least radiant person I know.”  I was stunned, and sad.  I asked her why she might say that and she explained that she doesn’t see herself as beautiful or glamorous.  She doesn’t use a ton of make-up and doesn’t feel knowledgeable about fashion.

I explained to her, that for me, radiance is not about the outside.  It is about the inside, and letting that beautiful person shine through.  And she is enormously beautiful on the inside.  She takes care of so many people with gentleness and kindness.  She genuinely loves others in such a deep and meaningful way.  She is radiant, always.

Being radiant is very much about being brave enough to be yourself, to let your unique spirit shine through.  Somehow, the ravages of cancer and its treatments on our bodies, make being radiant all the more poignant.  On the days that I was most sick, I simply tried to smile.  My hope was that a smile would help people know that while my physical body was broken my inner spirit was alive and well and wanted to share and be with them.

There was no way that my physical body could be radiant, but my spirit was.  I encourage others to be radiant because I want them to find their own inner beauty and share it.  Don’t worry about the physical appearance, that is not what makes you special.  Let your inner, beautiful spirit shine through and you will always be radiant!