Radiant Wednesday


It occurs to me that every Thursday we have fun in social media with Throwback Thursday.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy looking at the “older” pictures of friends and family and remembering the “good ole days”.  As I was thinking about what we do with Throwback Thursday, I began to wonder how special it could be if we could have a conversation every week about being radiant.  So, why not Radiant Wednesdays?

For those who have read the book, engaged in the blog or social media, you know that at Living Like A Lady we often encourage people to “Be Radiant”.  In fact, that is how I always sign the book.  The idea is that we can be the best version of ourselves despite our disease.  Being radiant is about finding your inner beauty and letting that shine through.  Being radiant is about smelling the flowers in your life, appreciating those that make a difference, smiling at the beauty around each of us and knowing that through the peaks and valleys of life there are amazing people that are a joy, an honor, a privilege to know.

My hope is that on Wednesdays, those of us in this community can share how we let our inner spirit out.  That we can share the beautiful things that touch our lives.  That we can offer others ideas on how radiant we are as individuals, despite what might be happening to our physical bodies.  I am not talking about the big things – but the little things in life that matter so much.

Let me kick us off with just a little story of where I find some radiance each day.  I have two cats, Tinkerbell and Pepper.  Each evening, Pepper, my little troublemaker by day, curls up and falls asleep in my arms like a baby.  There is something so sweet about this ritual, so peaceful.  It doesn’t matter what has happened that day or how I might feel, at days end she is content in my arms, and I quietly smile.

What makes you quietly smile? Will you join me and share your stories for #RadiantWednesday?

Be Radiant….