On Being Radiant….


We had a Living Like A Lady seminar yesterday at the Cancer Support Community.  What I love about these seminars is how women can come together and share so many different things with each other.  In yesterday’s seminar we focused on skin care, make-up and using scarves to “camouflage” various things.  Oh, the women talked and chatted and had a great time.

One thing we do with every seminar is to have a Girls Will Gather Session, and once again, this part of the seminar was the highlight for me.  It was an opportunity for the ladies to discuss how “girl friends” supported them in their journey.  Support that surprised them, that delighted them, that was simply amazing for them.  Importantly they also shared what they learned by allowing friends to help them.  The learnings are deep, the vulnerabilities exposed and the conversations raw as they chatted.  And never did I see such a radiant group of women, than in that discussion.

It was a unique seminar in that we video taped parts of it.  Because we were taping it, we had additional people in the seminar, in particular, two men.  Since the seminar is typically for women having some men observing was a little different for everyone.  Though, this did not in any way limit the conversations!

One of the men pulled me aside after the seminar saying that he found the discussion amazing.  “These women are findings blessings in their cancer” he exclaimed.  “How do they do that”?  And yet, that is exactly what radiant people do.  Their inner spirit shines through, even during dark days.  Thank you to the amazing women I continue to meet who are radiant beyond words.