The Conversation Has Begun….

While stuffing myself with wonderful turkey and the “fix-ins”, our family talked about the book, the website, the foundation and a question came up, how do we measure success?  An interesting question for a business executive (yours truly) to be sure – but I think my answer surprised everyone.  When I set out to write the book, establish the website, develop the foundation I simply wanted to help people.  I wanted to start a dialogue – a very real conversation about how to live, and live radiantly through cancer.  My hope was that as someone read a chapter they might find one tip or trick that mattered or made a difference in their lives.   So, my answer to my family was that if I had helped one person, then I had achieved success.  That changed the conversation and all of a sudden, the family was sharing stories of people the book had touched already.

One of the women who read the book said that she wished she had seen the book as she went through her cancer a few years ago, perhaps then she would not have fallen into the “black hole” the she found herself in upon diagnosis.  Another women came up and embraced my mother, telling her that the book had so inspired her while she continues to deal with her cancer.  Another women sent a note to a family member telling them that she keeps referring to the book whenever something else happens in her cancer journey.  A doctor told us of a patient coming in with the book, pointing out a chapter and saying that she thought she might be having a similar side effect and could the doctor help.

The book has only been out for a few weeks and yet the conversation is happening. People are sharing. People are feeling inspired.  People are engaging on Facebook, sharing their stories, providing their tips.  And, I encourage you to do the same.  My ultimate hope is that I simply get the conversation started, that we, as women dealing with cancer, share the tips, the tricks, the morsels, the insights, the inspiration that can assist others to live radiantly through their cancer.

I am honored that so many of you are sharing your insights, tips and tricks.  And, I encourage others of you to do the same.  We can keep you name private if you like.  But, please share with us what has helped you through your journey.  Together we can help each other live radiantly through a cancer diagnosis.