Freezing Cold and Sensitive Skin

Ahhh January!  The start of a new year and the deep freezing temperatures.  As the thermometer dips, don’t forget to take care of that precious skin of yours.  When dealing with cancer treatments, your skin may be exceptionally dry and sensitive, all the more reason to be very careful when you step out doors.  Here are a few thoughts to help that skin look and feel its best during treatment in the winter.

  • Water, water, water: we say it all the time, but drink your water.  Moisturize that skin of yours from the inside out.
  • Warm, tepid showers and baths.  Avoid the long, luxurious hot baths and showers as the heat can serve to damage and even dry out that sensitive skin.  While we are at, truly pat yourself dry, do not rub.  Rubbing your skin while it is dry and sensitive can cause scratches and irritation.
  • Make sure you apply a body lotion as you step out of the shower, that will help to keep the moisture in your skin.
  • Keep hand moisturizers nearby and apply it liberally through the day.   Take care of your lips frequently as well, with your favorite lip balm.
  • Should you venture outside, make sure your skin is well covered and protected from the cold.  And don’t forget to still apply your sunscreen.  You skin can get burned even through the car window, and you don’t need that damage.

While not really a skin issue, as you go through treatment, you may be very fatigued.  So, please be very careful going outside in the frigid cold.  You will find the cold zapping your remaining energy even faster than normal.

Don’t be afraid of the cold temperatures, just be prepared.