How Could I Forget…Spray Tans

I had just sent the finished manuscript  to the publisher when I realized I had missed an important topic.  I was having a cocktail, catching up with a friend who went through ovarian cancer at the same time I was going through my treatment and we were talking about my book.  She said I bet you wrote a lot about getting a spray tan, she continued “I know spray tans made me feel so much better.”   Talk about having a “I could have had a V8” moment!  How did I forget that?

Through my cancer treatments, I tried to get a spray tan about every two weeks as I thought it gave me some color and helped me remove a little bit, that mantle of sick.   I had to be very careful with spray tans.  For instance, when I was having breathing problems, I could not do the spray tans as I had to avoid breathing in any potential contaminant .  Also, when going through radiation, I kept that delicate skin that was being radiated; my chest, shoulder and neck, completely covered.  As my radiation burn became severe and  infected, we stopped all spray tans, as again, we wanted to avoid any potential contaminants on top of the infection.

I did check with my doctors before getting a spray tan and encourage you to do the same if you are considering a spray tan.   My doctor overseeing my chemo was ok with it.  The radiation oncologist and surgical oncologist were a little more cautious, as they were focused on the healing of my skin from their treatments.  Spray tans seemed like one of those little pampering things that could help me feel a little bit more like a healthy lady.  How could I have forgotten this topic?

The only thing I knew for sure when I wrote the book, Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer, is that I missed some things.  I missed some tips, or some tricks, or some insights, or something.   You see, there is no way I could possibly know your journey, what has happened to you, what has helped you.  And quite frankly, as we see with spray tans, I forgot a few pieces of my own journey.  And so, I think of the book as a launching pad for our conversation. I was so glad that Steph reminded me of spray tans, as that is how we want this to work.  I hope as you or your loved one goes through cancer, that you feel comfortable sharing your tips, your tricks, your insights with all of us.  As you share, know that you are helping others be as radiant as possible through their journey’s!