A Chill In The Air

A chill is in the air, the crackling of leaves, the smells of autumn; fall is all around us.  And with that, some new considerations for those going through cancer treatments, such as what to wear.  Now, true, we think about what to wear regardless of the season.  But, as you move from the warmth of the summer months to the chill of the fall and winter, if you are going through cancer treatments, you have a few more considerations.

Let’s start with your head.  If you have lost your hair you may feel quite chilled.  So much of your heat is lost through your head and your hair had actually been insulating that head of yours.  So, as you go outside, don’t forget to cover it up, simply to help you stay warm.

So many of us love “sweater weather”, a turtleneck, a warm sweater and we are set for the day.  A few words of caution here; starting with the sweater.  When you are going through treatment, look for really soft and thin sweaters and layer them on.  Soft because your skin may be very dry from treatments and heavy, course sweaters may actually scratch and be uncomfortable.  Thin because even though it is cold outside, your internal temperature may be fluctuating with hot flashes from the medications you are on.  So, a thin sweater or two makes it easier to take a layer off should you become warm.  If you are going through radiation and/or have had surgery on your upper body, consider wearing button down sweaters for awhile.  There is much less strain on your injured muscles or skin as put on and take off this style of sweater.   Speaking of turtlenecks, be careful wearing those on your chemo days.  While the nurses may be able to pull the sweater a bit in order to access your port, having the clothes pull against that port through treatment can be uncomfortable.

No matter what you wear, enjoy the beauty of fall and stay radiant!