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A Gift of Hope

December 1, 2015

I have loved doing book signings this year and meeting so many wonderful people.  I certainly see first hand how much cancer is impacting people on an everyday basis.  The comments on the book have been just outstanding, and I am honored that the book is making a positive difference; that it is inspiring, that more


September 29, 2015

Insights from our guest blogger – Shirley Trotter, M.S. Now that you know a bit about who I am and why I’m writing this blog, it’s time for you to learn a bit more about ‘you’.  Please remember, this knowledge is just between you and you. When you go to the doctors office because of more

What Is It About Fall?

September 17, 2015

What is it about fall that all of a sudden the days go rushing by?  One minute we are enjoying the long, restful days of August, and before you know it we are halfway through September. If there is anything I learned as I went through cancer it is that every day, in fact every more

Those Three Dreaded Words

September 3, 2015

By Guest Blogger:  Shirley Trotter M.S. You’ve got cancer. The year was 2012; the date was Friday, March 13th (yes, Friday the 13th) when I heard those dreaded words. It was after the colonoscopy exam when the physician came in to the recovery area and dropped the bomb. You have a colorectal tumor, about the more

An Anniversary to Celebrate….

August 5, 2015

      It was 5  years ago today, August 5, 2010, when I heard those words I will never forget “I am sorry to have to tell you this, but you have cancer”. Karen, Leah and Andy (my sister and her children) were visiting me – with Andy working the last day of his more

4 Tip to Keeping Your Smile Bright

July 22, 2015

  We know that cancer treatments may impact your hair, your skin, your nails, well, you name it!  But, one thing we often forget about is that treatment may also impact our teeth.  Perhaps it is odd that we forget about our teeth at this time.  But there is no denying, both dentists and patients more

6 “Did You Knows” About Hair Regrowth

July 15, 2015

You celebrate; cancer treatment is over and yes, that means your hair will finally start growing back!   But, just like so many parts of the cancer journey, there may be a few surprises along the way as this hair of yours grows back.  But, don’t worry, we are here to help you out.  Our more

5 Dry Skin Do’s for the Cancer Patient

July 10, 2015

Happy Friday!   With all the moisture in the mid-west and all the arid weather of the west coast, I have been thinking about skin and cancer treatment.  Going through cancer treatment, especially chemo, can lead to exceptionally dry skin.  Why, you ask?  Chemo is charged with killing your fast growing cancer cells.  Unfortunately, your more

All American Week-end….

July 6, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I just love the Fourth of July.  So much to celebrate about this wonderful country of ours.  And, for just one day, there is no bickering, no arguing, no politics; just cheers that we are so blessed to live in this great country.  To top that off, we got more

On Being Radiant….

July 1, 2015

We had a Living Like A Lady seminar yesterday at the Cancer Support Community.  What I love about these seminars is how women can come together and share so many different things with each other.  In yesterday’s seminar we focused on skin care, make-up and using scarves to “camouflage” various things.  Oh, the women talked more

4 Fashion Don’ts…When Receiving Chemo

June 27, 2015

There really are tons of tips and tricks for the fashion conscious lady as she goes through cancer treatment.  But, let me share jut a few “don’ts” this morning for the lady handling chemo. 1.  Skinny Jeans:  Without a doubt, this is one that I harp on the most when I speak.  So, why not more

And Then God Winks….

June 23, 2015

As an author I now have a lot of quiet time.  Quiet time thinking, writing of course, researching, you name it.  So, I look for clues that I am headed in the right direction.  Every once and awhile something happens and you know that you are on the right path and making a difference.  A more

Fluttering Eyelashes…

June 18, 2015

My friend Diane called me the other evening completely distraught.  You see she had lost her hair, including her eyelashes while she was on chemo.  She finished chemo six weeks ago and lo and behold, all her eyelashes fell out, again!  “What the heck” she exclaimed, “I lost these once already.  And, I am not more

Does My Book Matter??

June 15, 2015

I love writing.  And, I love that I have written two books.  The challenge with writing books however, is that you just don’t know; did you make a difference or not?  Did you say something that mattered or not?  At least when I write on social media, like this blog or facebook or something I more

The Littlest Scratch….

June 12, 2015

I was straightening out my clothes and looking for a bathing suit, I mean it is over 90 degrees here in the mid-west and I am sure a pool will be required this week-end!  As I found the bathing suit, it reminded me that the last time I wore it, I was in Florida in more

5 Things Never To Say To A Cancer Patient

June 8, 2015

Often I am asked  what we should say to someone with cancer.   One person suggested I simply write a script for everyone.  Yikes!  Much easier said than done.  For you see, everyone is different and all of us humans feel different on different days.  So, with all the differences in there (pun intentional), it more

Fun in the Sun

June 5, 2015

I don’t know what the weather is doing in your neck of the woods, but here in the mid-west, we are hopeful that the rain will give way to some beautiful sunny days this week-end.   There is something about the sun that is so healing…its warmth of course.  But even more, there is a more

Radiant Wednesday

June 3, 2015

It occurs to me that every Thursday we have fun in social media with Throwback Thursday.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy looking at the “older” pictures of friends and family and remembering the “good ole days”.  As I was thinking about what we do with Throwback Thursday, I began to wonder how more

A Profound Week….

April 10, 2015

We lost Lauren Hill this morning to brain cancer.  We learned yesterday that Taylor Swift’s mother is battling cancer.  Everyday cancer is taking something, someone from so many of us.  This week just felt a little bit more profound for me. Perhaps it is more profound because I am headed to Xavier University next week more

Clinical Trials

March 11, 2015

Let’s talk about clinical trials today.  Keep reading.  Please don’t turn away, this is important! In my work with various cancer organizations, one thing I have learned is that many people are afraid of clinical trials.  Because they are afraid, they won’t participate.  Let me explain why we do NOT need to fear these, but more

Call Your Dentist….

February 17, 2015

So, I was visiting with a friend the other day who had bought the book for his brother!  Yes, his brother.  He told me that his brother has really valued the tips and tricks in the book and that many do apply to him.  “However”, my friend said,” you really have to have something in more

On Being Radiant

February 4, 2015

In the book, on the website, in the blog, I am always talking about being radiant.  Today, on World Cancer Day, why don’t we talk about what being radiant really means? I usually sign the book, “Always Be Radiant”.  One lovely woman wrote me saying, “Thanks for signing the book, but I am the least more

Oh My Gosh, Not Again….

January 20, 2015

You know, once you have cancer, it seems like the slightest little thing reminds you of your vulnerability, scares you that the cancer is back.  That  happened to me over the week-end.  It was so nothing!  And yet, as I panicked a little, in fact for the entire day, I realized just how deep that more

Freezing Cold and Sensitive Skin

January 7, 2015

Ahhh January!  The start of a new year and the deep freezing temperatures.  As the thermometer dips, don’t forget to take care of that precious skin of yours.  When dealing with cancer treatments, your skin may be exceptionally dry and sensitive, all the more reason to be very careful when you step out doors.  Here more

New Year’s Resolution Thoughts for the Cancer Patient

December 31, 2014

As the year 2014 comes to an end and you think about next year, it is only natural to consider your resolutions. What will you do to better yourself? Your life? Your finances? Your family? Your health? So many times we think of very specific resolutions, such as this year I really will lose those more

Annie Goodman

December 17, 2014

  What? Surely I didn’t hear this correctly. I had just sat down to write a little bit more on gift giving, but the news was on in the background. I hear Fox News – Neil Cavuto, say that “ Annie Goodman is gone, at 33.”   It is not supposed to happen like this! You more

Cancer and the holidays…

December 15, 2014

Your loved one has cancer.  That news hit you like a ton of bricks.  And now, it is holiday times…a time for celebrating, gift giving, lots of food and joy.  How do you navigate the holiday waters with your loved one who is challenged by cancer?  As we say over and over in the book more

Yona’s Story….

December 8, 2014

We want to share stories, tips and tricks from others that can help everyone live as radiantly as possible.  Yona shared some of her experience, and we share an excerpt from her story with you…. “On April 22, 20** I had my routine mammogram.  On April 24, my internist called to say he wanted to more

The Conversation Has Begun….

November 30, 2014

While stuffing myself with wonderful turkey and the “fix-ins”, our family talked about the book, the website, the foundation and a question came up, how do we measure success?  An interesting question for a business executive (yours truly) to be sure – but I think my answer surprised everyone.  When I set out to write more

A Chill In The Air

November 3, 2014

A chill is in the air, the crackling of leaves, the smells of autumn; fall is all around us.  And with that, some new considerations for those going through cancer treatments, such as what to wear.  Now, true, we think about what to wear regardless of the season.  But, as you move from the warmth more

How Could I Forget…Spray Tans

October 25, 2014

I had just sent the finished manuscript  to the publisher when I realized I had missed an important topic.  I was having a cocktail, catching up with a friend who went through ovarian cancer at the same time I was going through my treatment and we were talking about my book.  She said I bet more

Beautifully Radiant From the Inside Out

July 15, 2014

Attitude plays such an important role in your overall health and well being. But it’s hard to see the upside of things while your body is fighting a disease. However, radiance is the mantra of every lady living with cancer so it is of utmost importance to keep a positive attitude during your journey. You more