Beautifully Radiant From the Inside Out

Attitude plays such an important role in your overall health and well being. But it’s hard to see the upside of things while your body is fighting a disease. However, radiance is the mantra of every lady living with cancer so it is of utmost importance to keep a positive attitude during your journey.

You can find positivity from so many places – your faith, your willingness to laugh when things aren’t funny, and seeing the unique spirit of others.

Many of us believe there is a higher power. Whether you formally practice a religion or not, spirituality and faith are foundational to finding your inner radiant self. You might find your faith getting stronger as your physical body gets weaker. Faith may be the motivation to get out of bed each morning with a smile. You might be unsure of the challenges the new day will present, but you also don’t know what blessings are around the corner. Faith makes it possible to live radiantly – letting your inner spirit shine through and work with your body’s changes. During my cancer journey, I was amazed at the number of people, close to me or not, that told me they were praying for my health. What a comfort to know that others were thinking of me and that we were banding together to ask a God that hears our prayers to heal me.

You might laugh a lot through this journey. Laughing will keep you from crying when you don’t think you can take anymore. Trying to find humor every step of the way will make it easier for you to deal with the issues. And you might find that laughter is a way to take care of others. Through laughter and humor, your friends, family, and caregivers will see your strength, radiance, and courage. You’ll be an inspiration. Choosing to smile is empowering and gives you the ability to spell your cancer with a small c.

Ultimately, your use of humor is where your unique spirit comes out. If that is not you, don’t force it. If it is you, don’t be afraid of it. To be your radiant self, you simply need to let who you are come out as genuinely as possible. My book club was a huge support system for me through my cancer journey, and during our get-togethers we would often laugh at the new challenges the disease was presenting. Sharing those experiences and laughing about them made whatever was going on a lot easier to handle.

The Spirit of Others
Through this journey you’ll see the significance of others in your life. You’ll meet new people, some as a result of having cancer and others in day-to-day life. Seeing the spirit of others can be a huge encouragement to find a positive spirit for yourself. Just when you are so sick that you do not know how you will stand up that day, you meet a special person, a gift, who helps you to see how lovely people can truly be.

Choosing to find the good will ultimately help you better manage the disease and keep you in control when there isn’t much you can control. Be an inspiration to others and choose to live radiantly through your positive attitude.