Annie Goodman


What? Surely I didn’t hear this correctly.

I had just sat down to write a little bit more on gift giving, but the news was on in the background. I hear Fox News – Neil Cavuto, say that “ Annie Goodman is gone, at 33.”   It is not supposed to happen like this! You are not supposed to get breast cancer. You are not supposed to die at the age of 33.

Annie was a journalist, a producer. She is supposed to be reporting the news, the stories of new miracle drugs that cure and fight cancer. She was not supposed to be the story.   Yet, here is a TV journalist, talking about her. But, do you know why she was talked about? Because of how Annie live. As she went through cancer, she talked of no longer worrying about missing the next taxi in NYC. She didn’t let the little stuff or the big city craziness bother her. She just knew that she valued friends and family far more than “stuff”.  She lived – and she was radiant.

So, the heck with writing about gift giving at Christmas – that is just stuff. I wanted to write about Annie. I never knew her, never met her, but from what I have learned of her, she was radiant. She embraced Living Like A Lady When You Have Cancer.   I wish I had known her.

Be at peace Annie…and thank you for showing us how to live….


Annie Goodman