And Then God Winks….


As an author I now have a lot of quiet time.  Quiet time thinking, writing of course, researching, you name it.  So, I look for clues that I am headed in the right direction.  Every once and awhile something happens and you know that you are on the right path and making a difference.  A friend of mine calls them God Winks…I love that.

I had the privilege of speaking at Xavier University’s Professional Women’s Summit on Friday, and what a sheer delight that was.  After I finished speaking, I spent time selling some books and importantly, speaking with participants, and wow did I see a bunch of God Winks!

Women who had heard me speak came up and shared their cancer experience.  Sometimes they waited to speak with me alone.  Other times they came up several at a time to discuss cancer.  So many had been touched by cancer, but they don’t publicly speak about it.  By the way, I am not the only one who started a new job while going through cancer treatments!

One lovely lady came up to tell me about her sister who was going through cancer.  While she had not attended my speech, she had heard about it through others.  They encouraged her to chat with me.  Was she ever lovely!  And she shared with me a video of her sister – another lovely women dealing courageously with the challenges that cancer and treatment bring.  Before you knew it, we had several people gathered around her phone watching the video of her sister and sharing cancer insights with each other.

One thing we chat a lot about in social media, this blog, etc. is that we want to get the conversation started.  If we can share with each other, we can make each other’s journeys perhaps just a little bit easier.  As these women spoke with each other about cancer, I completely saw the strength they shared with one another, the infectious courage they had, the deep understanding of the challenges of cancer.  And, I saw a really big God Wink….