A Profound Week….

We lost Lauren Hill this morning to brain cancer.  We learned yesterday that Taylor Swift’s mother is battling cancer.  Everyday cancer is taking something, someone from so many of us.  This week just felt a little bit more profound for me.

Perhaps it is more profound because I am headed to Xavier University next week for a board meeting.  Xavier hosted the tribute basketball game where Lauren played and inspired so many.  Perhaps it is profound for me because I also travel to Purdue University next week for a board meeting with Purdue’s Center for Cancer Research, and I know the work being done at Purdue may make the difference for Taylor’s Mom and so many other Mom’s out there.

Perhaps it is profound for me because through some work I have been active with lately, I am seeing first hand how organizations such as Gilda’s Club and Cancer Support Community are making such a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

But, I think the real reason why it is profound for me is that Lauren, Taylor, and Taylor’s Mom, epitomize what I could only hope to  be during my cancer journey:  radiant, hopeful, inspiring.  Taylor Swift and her Mom are embarking on this journey with such grace and class.  They want us to know, yet they want us to know that their focus is right where it should be, getting her mother well again.

And Lauren…Lauren did what many of us can only hope to do, and she did it while battling cancer.  She made a difference.  She raised awareness of this cancer, she raised enormous funds, she inspired us.

Through Living Like A Lady, we encourage people to find their inner radiance during this dreadful cancer journey.  To Lauren, Taylor and her Mom…thank you for showing us what that looks like.  With many prayers….