A Gift of Hope

book and bookmark

I have loved doing book signings this year and meeting so many wonderful people.  I certainly see first hand how much cancer is impacting people on an everyday basis.  The comments on the book have been just outstanding, and I am honored that the book is making a positive difference; that it is inspiring, that it offers hope for those faced with this horrible diagnosis.

One thing I have heard a lot this past year is that someone would love to purchase the book but that they didn’t know anyone with cancer at that moment.  I couldn’t shake the fact that somehow there was a disconnect.  The book matters and is helpful and yet, how do we get it into the hands of the people who need it?  So, our Living Like A Lady team came up with an idea, let’s put together a pay-it-forward program.  And, all I can say is wow!

We offered the program in a few local markets by just quietly putting up a sign that said if someone wanted to purchase the book for a cancer patient, we would take care of getting the book to a local patient.  We created some bookmarks, with a space on the back for the purchaser to write a personalized message.  The messages written have been simply beautiful!  Words of encouragement written by caring people, simply wanting to help brighten and support someone else dealing with cancer.   And the recipients; well they are touched beyond words!  That a stranger would offer them a book and a message, just because.

So, as we move into this season of giving, we thought why not make this program available on-line, to more people.  If you are interested in providing a gift of hope to a cancer patient, we invite you to join us.  It really is quite simple, you can click on the link here and place an order for one or more books.  You can write in your own message or we can write one for you, just let us know and we will handwrite your note.   If you would like the book to go to a cancer patient in your town, simply list your location and we will get it delivered there.

I know I speak for all the patients on the receiving end of your gift, thank you, thank you, thank you!