Living Like a Lady helps you live radiantly through your treatment with tips, tricks and helpful insights you won’t get from a medical team. This is real life stuff and Living Like a Lady is here to support you as you fight this disease.

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Award-Winning Finalist in 2015 International Book Awards

ST LOUIS (May 22, 2015) – The 2015 International Book Awards has designated “Living Like A Lady When you Have Cancer” an Award-Winning Finalist in their Health: Cancer Category.

Author Donna Heckler states that she is “honored and humbled that the book continues to make an impact, most importantly for those facing a cancer diagnosis.”   The book provides a unique insider’s look at the cancer patient experience and is designed to provide tips and tricks to help a woman live as radiantly as possible despite the cancer.

”This book is a revelation, pulling back the curtain and diving deep into the issues and daily obstacles women dealing with cancer have to overcome. A truly amazing resource for anyone coping with cancer and treatment,” said Dr. Judith Gurley.


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Cancer – the word that will change your life. You’re here because you or someone you love has been diagnosed and you don’t know what to expect.

This resource is meant to help you through all of the things the medical team doesn’t tell you … the information you need to keep on living your life as radiantly as possible while you’re fighting the disease.

This website is a companion to the book Living Like a Lady When You Have Cancer. Its author is a business executive who was diagnosed with breast cancer and struggled to find a resource with practical information. So she created one. The book is the story of her journey entwined with other’s stories. Find out more in The Book section.



Here’s how we hope to help you

Tips & Tricks – We cover everything from your hair to make-up to food to fashion and more. These are little nuggets that will help make your life easier and prep you for treatment and recovery.

Products – You’ll find helpful products that you can purchase right from the site and have delivered to your door.

Resources – We hope that Living Like a Lady becomes a go-to resource. To make searching easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources on a variety of topics.

Share Your Story – Each story is unique, and we want to hear yours. If you have a tip, trick or piece of advice that was helpful in your journey, please share. Knowledge is power, and the community of patients and survivors grows stronger when we share information.

We hope that through reading the book and using the website, you come away with one insight, one thought or one idea that helps you (or your loved one going through cancer) feel like you can Live Like a Lady.